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As a CEO, Get Comfortable With the Uncomfortable: Insights from Visionary & Senior Executive Andrew Malek

Effective business leadership is never an easy feat. When you’re entrusted with the well-being of your staff and company alike, while keeping an eye on the future of your industry (and, of course, your bottom line), it can be tempting to stick with tried and true methods. Particularly if you’ve been successful in the past, going about things […]

How to Effectively Drive Innovation In Your Business, With Insight From Senior Executive Andrew Malek

How can business leaders drive innovation and avoid falling into a rut? Senior executive, mentor, and visionary Andrew Malek offers insights into the evolving workforce, the role of technology, and the significance of fostering creativity in today’s workplace. Whether you’re a CEO who wants to shift the way your teams communicate with one another or […]

Why CEOs Should Get Comfortable With the Uncomfortable, According to Executive and Visionary Andrew Malek

Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is a key ingredient to successful leadership, according to Andrew Malek. Andrew Malek is a senior engineering executive with a knack for being innovative while identifying and developing profitable growth in entrepreneurial environments. One of the factors to his success is his willingness to leave his comfort zone. As a CEO, […]

3 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Business Goals, With Advice from Executive Andrew Malek

The virtue of setting goals is often emphasized in the business culture, from making New Year’s resolutions (which only 8% of resolution-setters actually accomplish) to long-term goals for a business or company. Andrew Malek, a dynamic senior executive, maintains that there is certainly value in creating business goals. Of course, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery put […]